31 Percent of Americans believe a second civil war will happen soon!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 27, 2018

According to the Rasmussen Reports, in their polls 31% of Americans believe a second Civil War will happen, within the next 5 years.  While 59% believe a Civil War is unlikely. This is a shocking number we have got this divided, where 31% of the nation believes a Civil War is near. They are not alone recently Rep. Steve King (R-IA) openly remarked his worry of an eminent Civil War.

37% of Democrats believe a Civil War is coming compared to 32% Republicans, while 26% Independents believe this. While 59% of people are concerned about increase in violence from people that oppose Trump policies.  This is not shocking after seeing Democrat politicians pushing for harassment of Trump staff, also let’s not forget University protests of any conservative speaker. We have seen violence and extremism increase since Trump took office.

However, it seems the media has a lot of blame for this divide. According to the polls 53% are concerned that those critical of the media’s coverage of Trump will resort to violence. I feel the one thing we can take from this is we as citizens need to start thinking for our own and not give into the hysteria the media and politicians spread. If this does not change it’s likely the divide could only grow.