Crazy Commie Bernie, Holding Town Hall For Workers!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 28, 2018


Crazy Commie Bernie is at it again. This time holding a townhall for workers, which will happen on July 16th. He has invited the CEOs of the companies to the townhall so they can face their employees. Bernie will do anything to stay relevant these days, so logically he feels he should stir up trouble in the workplace.

Bernie was quoted for reason to invite CEOs to the townhall,

“I really hope (the CEOs) have the guts to sit on a panel with their own employees and explain why it’s acceptable that they receive huge compensation packages while their very own workers are struggling to put food on the table,” Sanders said. “I hope they have the courage to do so. The invitation is sincere.”

Bernie is great at using such rhetoric to claim there is mass poverty in the USA, and employees are massively underpaid. Even though that is not true, we are the highest earning blue collar class in the world history. Our poor is considered middle class in Europe.

Bernie recently has been targeting Disney with claiming they under pay their employees. So, he sent Disney CEO Bob Iger an invitation letter claiming,

“My staff and I have spoken with Disney workers who are hungry, homeless, or struggling to make ends meet,” Sanders writes to Iger in one of the invites. He then quotes an employee who says, “I currently don’t make enough to eat three times a day. I eat cans of tuna or celery sticks and carrots because that’s what I can afford.”

However, Bernie doesn’t mention the Disney jobs he speaks of are for young college age kids. And as we all know those are years you eat cheap foods like Ramon Noodles. Also, he doesn’t account for young college aged kids are not wise with a budget, which is why you typically are not eating well during this stage in life. Just another way how Bernie Sanders spreads his awful illogically Socialist propaganda.

Bernie Sanders townhall meeting will be a massive waste of time, which will be one-sided onslaught against owners of companies. The CEOs would be wise to turn down the invitation due to Bernie will never allow them to speak.

The biggest concern is Bernie Sanders has never had a job in his entire life, outside of working for government. This means he lacks plenty of knowledge in what running a business intel’s for hidden expenses. Bernie also seems to lack the knowledge, if someone doesn’t like their job nor pay they are welcome to find another job in the open market.