Protester charged for throwing Chicken feces at Red Hen for kicking out Sarah Sanders! No room for people like this in Conservative Movement!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 28, 2018


Reginald Scott See, who is 51 years old threw chicken feces at the Red Hen restaurant. He was protesting because they threw Sarah Sanders out of their establishment. He was one of a handful protestors who were outside of the building. Police say he was charged with littering and disorderly conduct, after allegedly throwing chicken feces at the building.

I would like to inform all Conservatives this is unacceptable to act this way. I understand the left has went extreme and they are treating us in the same manner, however, we are better than that. The only thing this protest and extreme action by this man accomplished was reflecting poorly on our Conservative Movement, and we need to be civil in our recourse. If the Left wants to act uncivil so be it, but we do not fight on their terms. Also, I don’t believe we should be protesting outside of someone’s business even if we disagree with them politically. Protest them by not going to their establishment and ordering food.

The best way to stand up to the tyrannical left is not bending a knee to them on our values. And what this man and protest showed is bending a knee to our values by stooping to their level.