Democrats look to hold up Supreme Court Nominee, but may not have any options!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 29, 2018

Democrats are desperately trying to prevent Trumps Nominee for Supreme Court going forward with a vote, until after mid-terms in November. This is out of fear the Trump nominee will be a strong conservative giving power to the Republican party. However, do the Democrats have any possible tool they can use for pulling this off?

By law, picking a Supreme Court Justice goes through a checks and balance process. First the President has the job of nominating a Supreme Court Justice. Once he sends his nomination to the Senate they vote on if they approve on the pick or not. If the Senate gives 51 votes approving of the nomination then the nominee is officially a Supreme Court Justice member. In other words, if all Republican Senators vote approval for Trumps nominee we will have a new Supreme Court Justice, because there are currently 51 Republicans Senators.

Now Democrats have their hands tied, and can only accept the will of the Republicans. Therefore, you are seeing Democrats gravel to any stray Republican Senators pleading not to vote in Trumps nominee. That’s the only play Democrats have left is hope a Republican doesn’t vote in the nominee. This will be unlikely because it would be career suicide for that Republican.

Here is the kicker, Democrats put themselves in this situation by removing the filibuster rule for a presidential nominee in 2013. Before Democrats changed the rules, the Senate needed 60 votes to pass a nominee. Mitch McConnell warned the Democrats, if they changed the rules “this will come back and haunt you sooner than you think”. Well that day has come and Republicans now have the power to push in all nominees they want.