Will Michael Moore Incite The 2nd Civil War?

Photo: theblaze.com

Article by Bryan Howard

June 30, 2018

Michael Moore is at it again! Currently Moore is making the rounds for his 11/9 Documentary film, and last night he was on “Real Time with Bill Maher”. For anyone who doesn’t know Bill Maher, he is a foul-mouthed Leftist who spreads propaganda and conspiracy theories. So, it only makes sense to bring on the original foul mouthed, propaganda spreading, Leftist on his show.

During the Show Maher and Moore were talking about how Trump and Republicans are Fascists (even though it’s a fact Fascism is exclusively a Left-wing idea). But they moved on quickly with Maher asking Moore, what can be done to prevent the Trump nominee from getting the votes. Moore responded with potentially the most extreme serious answer anyone on the Left has ever said,

“I’ll join a million-other people surrounding the United States Capitol,” Moore responded. “I will stand there.”

In other words, Moore is proposing he and 1 million protestors will stand in the way to prevent the Supreme Court Justice from entering the Court. Let’s add this statement with the statement he made on the Late Show with Colbert, “We will have to put our bodies on the line”. Moore is being very serious about starting a violent over throw of Trumps nomination, and if he does accomplish a coup like he is proposing it will be the start of the Civil War we all fear is coming.

The reason for why I say it will start a Civil War is because we know the Police or Military will be brought in to push the crowd back, and the crowd will get violent. Once one Leftist is harmed in this protest it will start a massive Civil unrest around the country. Which, will turn into absolute Chaos between the Left and the Right! I hope someone on the Left stops Moore’s movement knowing this won’t end well, but I am losing faith in anyone on the Left not being full ideologs.