Celebrity Spotlight, Tim Tebow!

Photo: firstcoastnews.com

Article by Bryan Howard

July 1, 2018

This week’s Celebrity Spotlight goes to one of my favorite athletes, Tim Tebow! Tim Tebow is arguably the greatest College Quarterback of all time, winning two National Titles and a Heisman Trophy at Florida University. Tebow had a short run in the NFL having one amazing season when he was given a fair shot in the NFL, leading the Broncos to the playoffs with a playoff win against the Steelers. Eventually, Tebow moved to baseball joining with the New York Mets last year. In his second year he is playing in the All-Star game in Double A baseball, looking like he might have a shot at being brought up the Major League with the Mets this season.

Tim Tebow was famous for being a devout Christian who would always take a knee for prayer and write Bible verses on his eye black adhesive. He would inspire most of the nation with his passion and unbreakable spirit on the field. Tebow did not promote Christianity for self -serving reasoning, he follows up his talk with being highly involved in missionary and charity work. He currently is running the Tim Tebow Foundation, which focuses on helping Children in need, particularly mentally disabled children.

Tim Tebow is constantly involved with mentally disabled children, helping bring joy to these great people’s lives. Last year Tim Tebow held a massive Night to Shine event, which was a prom for Disabled children across the country. 75,000 children ended up attending this Prom in New York, with 150,000 Volunteers. And, the event was a massive success with everyone having that special moment of a Prom every teen deserves.

However, a young 18-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was attending the event was star stricken with Tebow. She heard Tim Tebow never attended his Prom so she asked him to go as her date, which he did and they had a great night together.

Tim Tebow is always making special visits to children who are severely ill or mentally disabled. Which is always a massive uplift for a child to visit with their sports hero. Tebow doesn’t put this line of thinking a side even during games. Recently during a minor league game, the opposing team had a bat boy with down syndrome for every game but Tebow spent the entire time in the dugout spending time with this young man. It seems both took away from that experience equally with joy.

Time Tebow receives this week’s celebrity watch for showing Leadership, faith in God, and standing for compassion for those who need it. If you are interested in donating to his Foundation here is the link for you to visit.  https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/