Trump Administration Looking to Remove Obama Guidelines On Race And Admissions In College.

Article by Bryan Howard

July 3, 2018

According the Wall Street Journal, the Trump administration made plans to rescind some of the Obama policies regarding the use of race and college admissions.

This is coming in light after Harvard was accused of using racist tactics to make new guidelines on preventing Asians from getting in to Harvard. They were trying to prevent Asians from getting admitted because they were over represented in the school. Therefore, we should not base admissions in college on race. If there are more Asians in Colleges compared to their population size, “who cares”! Whoever is the most qualified should get accepted in schools or jobs.

Part of the Obama policy that will change is this excerpt,

“When an institution is taking an individual student’s race into account in an admissions or selection process, it should conduct an individualized, holistic review of all applicants. That is, the institution should evaluate each applicant’s qualifications in a way that does not insulate any student, based on his or her race, from comparison to all other applicants. An institution may assign different weights to different diversity factors based on their importance to the program. … But race cannot be given so much weight that applicants are defined primarily by their race and are largely accepted or rejected on that basis.”

The policy above gave Schools new ways to determine how to accept students other than grades and test scores. Harvard used this law to score Asian applicants as “unlikeable” and “lack of leadership”. The Trump administration is wise to remove this racists policy ASAP!