Untalented Comedian Sarah Silverman doubles down on her ignorance when talking about Socialism!

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 5, 2018

Democratic Socialism is the redistribution of wealth while government owns means of production. However, it seems many Leftists who claim to be Democratic Socialism can’t define what it is. And Sarah Silverman is the latest casualty to show her ignorance on the topic, after she heard Dan Bongino on Fox and Friends.

Dan Bongino hosts a Conservative talk show on NRATV and was making a special guest appearance on Fox and Friends. They were talking about the rise of Democratic Socialism and Dan stated,

“Socialism is a disaster. The only people who support Socialism are people who don’t know what it is or people who want to win elections.”

Dan was on point with his statement, but Sarah Silverman would have none of this. Silverman wanted to definitely show her ignorance by running to Twitter claiming socialism is the Police Department and the Fire Department.

“Forgive me but you are daft,” Silverman said. “Socialist democrats are for socialized programs within our democracy. Like, education &health care available 4all, making sure all@kids have the same opportunities.. u don’t like socialized programs? Do you like the police dept? The fire department?”

If you can’t see that Sarah Silverman’s ignorance proved Dan was right with his claim “The only people who support Socialism are people who don’t know what it is,” I don’t think there is much help for you!

Socialism has nothing to do with Military, Police, nor Fire Department, those are the rare few exceptions for society to be taxed on. Because every tax payer gets the exact same amount of access out of those Departments. Also, a Government is only designed for the protection of citizens, not the redistribution of wealth like many Democratic Socialists like to claim!

I also would like to point out AGAIN, Democratic Socialism and Socialism are the exact same thing. Socialism is short slang for Democratic Socialism, if you don’t believe me read the Communist Manifesto. Democratic Socialism (Socialism), is Communism that has been voted in by the people. Either way Democratic Socialism is equally as evil as Communism. The Millennial Generation that I am part of has been failed massively by our education system. This is due to the fact, the education system refused to teach us about Socialism/Communism. I had to do intensive research on my own so I could learn about the evils of Socialism/Communism, which is something we need to demand from our education system to teach.

2 thoughts on “Untalented Comedian Sarah Silverman doubles down on her ignorance when talking about Socialism!

  1. Good article!

    On a comedy DVD, Sarah Silverman said she does not want the gov controlling her vagina. (She called it pussy.) The gov is not trying to control a woman’s vagina. She can do what she likes with her vagina. It is only when this ignorant dem decides to create life that the gov steps in and tells her she cannot kill another life.

    Same as the gov is not trying to control your hands or that pile of scrap metal in the corner. But if you use your hands and that pile of scrap metal in the corner to make unlicensed machine guns the gov steps in.

    Hopefully some sanity will return to SCOTUS in the near future. What a sickening mess the US has turned into.

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