Democrat Wasteland San Francisco Registers Illegal Aliens to Vote!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 18, 2018

On Monday The Department of Elections in San Francisco started issuing voting registration to illegal aliens. The goal is to get them registered so they can vote in the Nov. 6th Board of Education election.

San Francisco has become California’s first city to allow non-American citizens to vote in local elections, Supervisor Norman Yee stated, “We want to give immigrants the right to vote.”

I believe is it useful to be clear an illegal alien sneaks into the country, while a legal alien goes through the legal proper channels to be in this country.

San Francisco has already been in the headlines for a City that is falling apart from homeless issues and sanitation issues. The once beautiful city is becoming a wasteland after decades of Democrat rule.

Clearly Democrats are starting the process of allowing it to become legal for non-American citizens to vote in more than local elections. Allowing non-Citizens to vote in elections is a direct threat to our freedoms and our Country.