Culture Shifting to Conservatives? Fox News anchor rumored in talks with “The View”!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 24, 2018

“The View” co-host Sarah Haines announced she will be leaving for ABC show “Good Morning America” on Monday. Which leaves an open seat in the hard-Left leaning show “The View”.

According to The Huffington post, Fox Anchor from Fox and Friends Abby Huntsman may become the new co-host. This is after much controversy on how the classless hosts treat conservative guests.

“Fox & Friends weekend anchor co-anchor Abby Huntsman is in talks to jump ship from Fox News and take over for Haines on the high-profile ABC daytime show. Huntsman’s hire, if completed, would give The View a second conservative alongside Meghan McCain — which would undoubtedly change the dynamic of the show,” reports Mediaite.

Currently there is only one Republican on the Show Megan McCain and she is far from a Conservative. However, Abby Huntsman will be a true conservative voice on the show. Abby’s father John Huntsman currently works for the Trump administration.

This may sound like meaningless news, but conservatives have had zero influence in the culture over the last 50 years and this is potentially the beginning of a new trend. If “The View” hires a conservative to fill the seat it would be in response to ABC realizing they will keep losing viewers if they don’t add conservative voices. Since President Trump has taken office conservatives have been winning the Culture war and we need to keep the momentum going.