North Korea Begins Dismantling Launching Facilities!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 24, 2018

Kim Jong Un seems he is keeping his promise with President Trump. It is being reported Kim Jong Un has started dismantling key launch facilities.

North Korea has begun dismantling launch facilities at their Sohae Satellite Launching Station based off satellite images from July 20 and July 22. Experts believe this facility played a major role in their development of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

38 North has reported that the “roof and supporting structure” of a “rail-mounted processing/transfer structure” have been partially removed as “numerous vehicles are present—including a large construction crane.”

The North Koreans have also reportedly started to dismantle a vertical engine test stand. 38 North adds:

“The rail-mounted environmental shelter—which hadn’t been moved since December 2017—has been razed and removed, the older fuel/oxidizer bunkers are in the process of being razed, and portions of the test stand’s upper steel framework have been dismantled and its paneling removed.”

“Two days later fewer vehicles are present and the test stand superstructure has been completely dismantled, leaving only the base, which is also in the process of being removed.”

We Americans should still be weary if Kim Jong Un will completely disarm because he is a ruthless dictator. However, this is massive progress the Trump administration has accomplished. No President in history has had this much success with Communist North Korea.