WATCH: Leftists Viciously Attack Lauren Southern! Her response send them into a meltdown!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 25, 2018

Lauren Southern is a young Canadian girl who is a right-wing activist. She was in Australia conducting a speech where she was attacked by a Left wing activist group.

“Can I just ask why you are such a racist dog,” the woman asked Lauren.

Lauren asked the woman, what evidence she had to support her claims, to which the woman stated: “You’re just a racist dog.”

A man who was standing there shouted at Southern that the fact that she questioned the refugee about allegations she was making proves that she was a racist.

“A refugee isn’t a race,” Lauren responded.

“Oh, okay, what is a race?” the man shouted as he became visibly more upset. “Tell us what a race is.”

“A race is a skin color or an ethnicity,” Lauren responded.

This set the Man into a irate state where he screamed nonsense.