Justice Department: They’re Not ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants, They’re ‘Illegal Aliens!

Photo: ( AFP/Getty Images )

Article by Bryan Howard

July 25, 2018

Leftists use the term “Undocumented Immigrant” to describe illegal immigrants. As we know they will arrogantly say illegal aliens is not a real thing.

However, the Justice Department has put this debate to rest with a statement to District attorney’s office.

According to the Daily Wire the Justice Department email said,

“The Justice Department has instructed US attorney’s offices not to use the term “undocumented” immigrants and instead refer to someone illegally in the US as “an illegal alien,” according to a copy of an agency-wide email obtained by CNN.”

“According to the email, the Justice Department uses terms in the US Code to describe an individual who is illegally in the US, and thus refers to them as “an illegal alien.””

“”The word ‘undocumented’ is not based in US code and should not be used to describe someone’s illegal presence in the country,” the email states.”

“An immigrant who is in the US legally or whose status is unknown is to be described by their country of citizenship, it adds.””


Now we Conservatives have full proof end to the debate of how to label people in the USA illegally!