Senate passes legislation to end tariffs on 1,660 items!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 27, 2018

The senate unanimously passes a bill that would remove 1,660 foreign imports to the United States. This bill already passed the House unanimously, and half of the items on the tariffs are from China.

The argument for this bill is that most of the 1,660 items aren’t produced in the United States anymore. Of the 1,660 items only 145 items are made in the United States.

“It makes no sense because it is a direct and punishing tax on making things in America and for creating jobs in America,” Jay Timmons, the president of the National Association of Manufacturers, said in a statement. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, American companies spend $1 million a day on these tariffs.

The next stage for this Bill to pass is President Trump needs to sign it. However, Senate and House can override President Trump if he for some reason decides to veto it.  They would only need a 2/3 vote of House and Senate. Which wouldn’t be hard since it was unanimously passed in both House and Senate.

This is great news because Tariffs are not a good thing for the American people. A Tariff is only a tax on the citizens of the United States not on the company’s overseas.

President Trump has stated his love for tariffs which I have been critical on him about, but I don’t believe he wants to have any tariffs. After the European Union backed down on tariffs President Trump said some honesty in his statements after the EU announced the back down. President Trump stated he wanted to have a 0 percent tariff which means he is using the threat of tariffs as a negotiation tactic.