WATCH: Footage of Senior Obama Official taking picture up girls skirt!

Photo: Daily Mail

Article by Bryan Howard

July 27, 2018

On Friday surveillance footage was released of a Senior Obama Official taking picture up a girls skirt. This was from his scandal in 2016 at a D.C. Metro station.

William Mendoza, who was Obama’s director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, pleaded guilty to a single count of attempted voyeurism after he resigned from his position in November 2016, the¬†Daily Mail¬†reported earlier this year.

Mendoza had a $140,000 year salary with Obama and was only given a 90 day suspended prison sentence with probation and a whopping $100 dollar fine!

The Obama Administration did not disclose the charge nor the conviction and this information was only made public because of the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail used Freedom of Information to collect this information.

You will see this video has 5 clips of Mendoza stalking girls, and in the 4th is a clear shot of him on an escalator taking a picture up the girls skirt.