Ann Coulter: President Trump’s Poll Numbers Would Be Through the Roof if He Would “Build the Wall”

PHOTO: Getty images

Article by Bryan Howard

July 30, 2018

The legend Ann Coulter recently held an interview with Breitbart News with editor and chief Alex Marlow. During this sit down they talked about President Trumps poll numbers and his key campaign promises and Ann had an interesting view on this topic.

MARLOW: “I think this is a total ticking time bomb here, that there’s no wall, there’s no plan for a wall, and I’m very disturbed by it because I think this puts the entire presidency in the balance if the wall does not get built. And there is no one taking it seriously, apparently not even in the White House at this point.”

COULTER: “No, I know. The original sin was Trump hiring all these establishment, swampy Never Trumper types. No, no one is there to tell him ‘Hey remember that promise you campaigned on and every single campaign rally with 10, 20, 30,000 people two or three times a day? Remember what chant they were saying? Was it ‘I will hire half of Goldman Sachs? No, it was not Mr. President.’ No, he has no one to tell him that.”

“I just wish Trump would realize, that of all secret weapons of our secret weapons of Donald Trump, if he’d build the wall, the media will go crazy, it will distract over everything, and his poll numbers will go through the roof. There’s a reason… we wanted the wall and that is so that all of us don’t have to be on constant, constant alert for the next wave of illegal, poverty-stricken, very needy, uneducated immigrants pouring across our border.”

“No, right now Breitbart has to kick into gear and Drudge has to kick into gear and I have to kick into gear and we have to tell the truth about what’s going on and demand information. No, we wanted to get back to our lives and not keep fighting each one of these onslaughts.”


Ann Coulter is 100% correct, President Trump promised us a wall and that was a big reason why he was voted in. I believe President Trump is working on getting us a wall but he may be holding on to that card for his re-election campaign. The Wall would only cost $20 Billion dollars which in reality is not that much considering Bernie Sanders is proposing useless healthcare bills that will cost $3 Trillion a year. Also we would get the money back from a wall due to less illegal immigration on our social welfare programs.