Will Defunding Planned Parent Become A State Right?

Article by Bryan Howard

August 2, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh may be replacing Supreme Court Justice seat of Anthony Kennedy this October and if he does big things in the pro life movment may happen. It is true Kavanaugh may not be someone who will target abortion to the fullest extent but he will be willing to chip away at it.

A way Brett Kavanagh and the Supreme Court could chip away at abortion is give states the rights to defund Planned Parent Hood.

According to LifeNews, one of the first battles in this quest will be the Supreme Court allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood, as in the case of a Kansas law the lower courts rendered unconstitutional.

“Back in 2016, Kansas began withholding state tax dollars from Planned Parenthood in the wake of reports that the organization had been trafficking in human baby body parts,” reports the outlet. “In February of this year, the 10th Circuit ruled the State’s actions unconstitutional. In March, the State of Kansas filed a petition with the US Supreme Court to overturn this terrible ruling.”

Defunding Planned Parent Hood as a State right would be a huge victory in the pro-life movement. It may not be the highest of desires but it’s a massive step into saving lives of innocent children. One would assume half or more of the states would defund Planned Parent Hood instantly if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of states rights.