Leftist Trolls Bully Teen Cancer Patient For Asking Texas Governor To Outlaw Abortion!

PHOTO:  (Reuters photo:Kevin Lamarque)

Article by Bryan Howard

August 4, 2018

A young teen has decided to make a last wish in outlawing abortion to Texas Governor Greg Abbot, which is a selfless act of this brave teen. This led the Leftist Zombie mob to attack this kid like the slave owning Democrats did in 1860’s.

16- year-old Jeramiah Thomas asked Gov. Abbot to outlaw abortion for his “Make A Wish Foundation” wish earlier this year. Jeramiah Thomas was diagnosed with extremely aggressive bone cancer.

“For my wish, I wanted to talk to you and discuss a bill of abolition [to end abortion],” said Jeremiah in a video to Abbott. “Sir, you would be representing the demands of Texans if you would pass this bill. We could end abortion here and now.”

Gov. Abbot responded:

“Your wish is on the Republican party platform position,” Governor Abbott said, “and we’re going to be pursuing this…And that is to outlaw abortion altogether in the state of Texas.”

“So, your wish is granted,” he added.

Once news broke on the wish the Leftist Mob went on attack with desgusting rhetoric that should outrage any moral individual.

“Cancer is giving your mom a late term abortion. Lmao [laughing my a– off],” one message said. “Jeremiah … You aren’t dead yet? God do your job!” said another. “Good Riddance,” one user posted to Jeremiah’s prayer group page on Facebook.

Kendra Thomas Jeremiah’s mother, stated one Leftist accused her son of having “a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, hateful” agenda.

“Instead of letting the hate get to him, his mother said, Jeremiah shut it out, even when he left hospice and returned home for what could be the last time,” reports LifeNews.