Connecticut Senator cheers about Alex Jones “Inforwars” was kicked off all social media! Wishes all Conservatives were kicked off next!

PHOTO: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Article by Bryan Howard

August 7, 2018

Alex Jones was kicked off all of social media outlets like Facebook, Youtube, Apple, and Instagram. These social media outlets claimed he was kicked off for hate speech.

For those of you who don’t know who Alex Jones I will give a brief description. Alex Jones is labeled as right wing (he is neither left nor right), Jones is a conspiracy theorist crazy man. I personally am not a fan of Alex Jones and feel he has done damage to the image of conservatives. However, I don’t believe it is ok to banish anyone for speech and everyone should be allowed to speak their mind no matter how crazy they are.

The Left does not hold the same sentiments because they believe all dissenting opinions should be shut down. And a great example of this is from Senator Chris Murphy (D-CN) who cheered when social media outlets kicked Alex Jones off.

“I know Facebook and Apple and YouTube have gotten so big they sometimes seem like the government. But they aren’t. They are private companies that shouldn’t knowingly spread lies and hate. They took a good first step today by removing Infowars.”

Murphy didn’t stop there he continued thoughts of removing more dissenting opinion voices.

“Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.”

Chris Murphy has been opposed of Free Speech for many years now. In 2013 he proposed to change the First Amendment to prevent certain speech.

“The proposed amendment would authorize Congress, states, and local governments to, for instance, (1) restrict what most newspapers publish, (2) restrict what most advocacy groups, such as the ACLU, the Sierra Club, and the NRA, say, (3) restrict what is said and done by most churches, and (4) seize the property of corporations without just compensation. (It might also allow restrictions on the speech of unions, depending on whether they are seen as “corporate entities.”)”

Earlier this year Murphy also went after the Second Amendment.

“I support the real 2nd Amendment, not the imaginary 2nd Amendment. And the real #2A isn’t absolute. It allows Congress to wake up to reality and ban these assault rifles that are designed for one purpose only – to kill as many people as fast as possible.”

Leftism does not agree with allowing dissenting opinions and are always attempting to silence the Right. This is why it is important to share as many Conservative news outlets as you can on Facebook.

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