LAPD UNION Claims Far Left Organization ACLU “Wants Cops Prosecuted Or Jailed”!


Article by Bryan Howard

August 7, 2018

Union leader of the LAPD made criticisms of California’s state legislation’s where he believes they are looking to incarcerate officers with new Bill, “Police Accountability and Community Protection Act”.

“This bill will either cost police officers their lives, or their jobs,” said Robert Harris, a director with the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), in a video recently posted across the union’s social media platforms. “This bill was written by the ACLU and other criminal apologists.”

“The ACLU wants cops prosecuted and jailed,” he continued.

The Californian Bill “Police Accountability and Community Protection Act” was crafted by the Leftist Organization ACLU in order to charge Police with murder if they used force when subjectively not necessary. The law used to be the Officer was allowed to use deadly force when the officer felt objectively reasonable. This new Bill is passed it will be used to target police officers for making split second decisions in hostile situations.

“Reasonable will now be insufficient,” explains Robert Parry, a Southern California-based consultant to law enforcement officers. “Actions that would now be deemed legal because they are reasonable may soon result in jailing cops because they were not ‘necessary.’”

“This bill is Monday morning quarterbacking at its worst,” Harris said. “Someone can always argue that there is something else that could have been done prior to a use-of-force incident. It’s that serious.”

The ACLU and all politicians that were involved in creating this awful Bill never contacted nor worked with police officers to create the Bill. The Bill will be a dangerous legislative activism that could cost many Police lives.