Future Star Of GOP Iraq War Vet John James!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 8, 2018

John James is a veteran of the Iraq War who won the GOP primaries for Senator on Tuesday night. John James was supported and backed by President Trump for the Republican Party. President Trump called him a future star of the GOP.

“Congratulations to a future STAR of the Republican Party, future Senator John James. A big and bold victory tonight in the Great State of Michigan – the first of many. November can’t come fast enough!” Trump tweeted.

John James is a 37-year-old African American. I would like to note James does not like playing the race card, and he wants to be judged on his ideas and character not the color of his skin. And when you do judged James on his ideas and character he is an amazing representation of the Conservative movement.

John James graduated from United States Military Academy at West Point in 2004, according to his campaign website bio, and became a Ranger-qualified aviation officer. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he earned a Combat Action Badge and two Air Medals while logging more than 700 hours leading two Apache platoons.

James moved back to Michigan in 2012 where he took over the family business, James Corp International. He took the company from $35 Million to $137 Million in value during this time. James is also a strong family man who is married with 2 children.

Political Stances John James stands for:

  • 100% Pro-Life
  • Cutting waste in government spending and balanced budget
  • Restructure High Schools so kids will be better equipped to join the workforce or college.
  • Strengthen the Military
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Help prepare our veterans for re-entry into society
  • Proponent of Kate’s Law; defund sanctuary cities
  • No nonsense view of illegal immigration–has to stop now
  • Fight for the Constitution’s principles, as written
  • Trump’s tax reform will aid working families & entrepreneurs.
  • American Exceptionalism

James will compete against incumbent Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow in November, who had no primary challenger. Stabenow is seeking a fourth Senate term and has easily fended off past challengers.

John James has an uphill battle because it is a very Blue Senate seat, but John James is believed to have a serious shot at turning this seat red.

John James statement on November election:

“Washington has enough career politicians,” James said in a news release after his victory. “We need people who have experience getting results. You aren’t going to get results from a 43-year career politician. Debbie Stabenow better get ready for the fight of her political life.”