Conservative Authors To Read!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 10, 2018

Many Conservatives have issues finding authors to read on politics and history, which is why I created a list. This list is filled with Conservative authors I follow closely and have found credible.

  1. Ben Shapiro
  2. Dinesh D’Souza
  3. Mark Levin
  4. David Horrowitz
  5. Ann Coulter
  6. Thomas Sowell
  7. Jonah Goldberg
  8. W. Cleon Skousen
  9. Andrew Breitbart
  10. Glenn Beck
  11. Rush Limbaugh
  12. M. Stanton Evans
  13. William J. Bennett
  14. Michelle Malkin
  15. Kimberley Strassel

All of these Authors are great authors to start with reading that express conservative values and exposing the Democrat lies.

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