WATCH: Video, ANTIFA Attacks Police Officer!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 12, 2018

1 year anniversary of  the infamous  Charlottesville, Virginia “Unite The Right” Protest spurred a protest by ANTIFA on Saturday night.

During the Protest ANTIFA were heard chanting about killing the police and chanting “All Cops Are Racists.” But the civil unrest took a nasty turn to no surprise of anyone. ANTIFA Violently attacked Journalists and even Police Officers.

The Video below is an ANTIFA member getting violent with a Police Officer like the POS ANTIFA members are!

We need to Demand ANTIFA to be outlawed and considered a terrorist organization. We also need to find out who is funding the ANTIFA organization and hold them accountable for all crimes that have been committed by the members. Many believe that George Soros is funding the ANTIFA organization, and no Conservative would be shocked to find out that scum of the earth is funding them. However, there is no substantial proof that Soros has been funding the organization which is why we need government to open an investigation.