ALT-Right White Supremacists Are Far-Left Wing Socialists, Richard Spencer Admits It!

PHOTO: Jim Bourg / Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

August 13, 2018

Main Stream Media have been covering the march of White Nationalists (White Supremacist) in D.C. as far Right-Wing Conservatives. However, this is a false label, they are neither far Right-Wing nor Conservatives.

The Media will do anything to label Conservatives as racists, which is why they are fomenting at the mouth from the White Nationalists march. They believe the White Nationalists oppose the current Democrat party must mean they are conservatives.

This is a massive lie, same as claiming Fascism and Nazi’s are far right wing because they opposed Communists. These groups oppose Communism, because Communists hate the idea of a national pride. However, when you break down their belief systems they are hardcore believers in Socialism, but want to be Nationalists and not Internationalists.

Jason Kessler who led the march in D.C. for Unite the Right is a progressive who supported Barrak Obama! This group opposes Capitalism and hate the entire Conservative philosophy.

Richard Spencer is the thought leader of the White Nationalists movement and he is on video talking about how he is a Socialist and believes in a Socialists society.


What we see in D.C. protest are two groups of the far left who are at war with each other, and have been at war since the 1940’s. One gorup is ANTIFA who are proud Communists, and the other group are White Nationalists who are proud NAZI’s. Neither of the groups are from Right-Wing Conservative Libertarian Philosophy, but both are far-left Socialists who love identity politics.