WATCH: Video, ANTIFA Threaten To Murder Trump!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 13, 2018

The D.C. Protests were a complete dud with the Alt-Right, but the ANTIFA counter protest has run a muck.

ANTIFA members have attacked Journalists and Cops during protests this week around the country and the media is not reporting on it. What ANTIFA has done is opened the rest of the non radicals eyes around the country to how violent and disgusting the left have become.

The reason for the lack of reporting from media on ANTIFA is because ANTIFA beliefs are at the heart of today’s democrat party. This is why it is time to expose what ANTFA believes in through their chants and statements at the D.C. protest.

The clip below show ANTIFA protesters answering what they would do if they saw president Trump outside, where they answer they would murder Trump.


The violence of ANTIFA is getting rather alarming and should put some fear in all of America. Notice one member said if it was a group effort to charge Trump he would. This is the sentiment of the Left today is everything is group think and follow.

In the next clip ANTIFA is marching with communist flags while chanting no borders, no wall, no USA at all.


The Democrat party has been clear they don’t want a border nor wall which in return destroys the United States. ANTIFA chants this because Communism/Socialism does not believe in nations but a one world nation with no borders.

We need to demand out elected government officials to outlaw ANTIFA as an organization and come down hard on any protest they create. ANTIFA have become a danger to everyone’s safety we have had enough, it is time to stand up to the radical Left and let them know we can’t be intimidated by some Leftist Fruit loop!