Florida Will Not Have A Blue Wave, Democrats Concerned!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 14, 2018

Democrats have been preaching about a Blue Wave coming this November, but it seems this Blue Wave will not be hitting in Florida!

Politico reported, Florida Division of Elections data that was released for Tuesday’s primary reveal that the percentage of active registered Democrats dropped almost 2 percentage points compared to 2016.

One Democratic consultant told Politico, “None of us will admit this publicly, but we’re worried. Where’s the blue wave? The party has no money. The Republicans do. … But, thankfully, Republicans have Trump and he’s a disaster when the elections are close. And this election will be close.”

Politico notes, “As of Monday morning, 572,000 absentee ballots had been mailed in, 47 percent from Republicans and 39 percent from Democrats. The 8-point margin in Republicans’ favor this midterm compares with a 6-point Republican advantage over ballots cast by Democrats 15 days from the 2014 midterm primary.”

If Republicans can turn Florida into a solid Red state going forward there will be no stopping the Republican Party because we have Texas already. Texas and Florida are second and third largest states based on population in the USA, and both are growing in population at record numbers.