Judge From Manafort Case Receiving Threats!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 17, 2018

Judge T S Ellis III said Friday he has received threats over the Paul Manafort case.

There was a motion requesting for juror’s identities to be released where Judge Ellis replied, He said he’s confident the jurors would be threatened as well if their information was public.

Ellis claimed he received threats recently and believes jurors would receive threats as well. Judge Ellis threats were deemed credible because now he has to Marshalls follow him around everywhere he goes.

“The Marshals go where I go,” Ellis said.

At one point, Ellis told attorneys “I’m no stranger to criticism,” saying “this case has brought it to a new level.”

Several news organizations – the Washington Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, NBC, Politico and BuzzFeed – filed a motion to unseal all the records that have been sealed so far in the Manafort case.

Rejecting the motion, Ellis said he doesn’t “feel right” about releasing the names of jurors, saying, “to do so would create a risk of harm to them.”

Manafort is facing tax evasion charges from the repulsive Robert Muller. However, Manafort’s defense team are optimistic after the jury asked questions at end of the second day. The questions asked by jury to the judge were, foreign financial accounts, shelf companies, the definition of reasonable doubt and other evidence in the case.

Outside court on Thursday, Manafort’s defense attorney, Kevin Downing, called the questions from the jury — especially the one about reasonable doubt — a “good sign.”

“So, overall a very good day for Mr. Manafort,” Downing told reporters.