President Trump Fully Dedicated Making Sure Republicans Keep The House!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 21, 2018

President Trump schedule is jam packed with campaigns for Republicans in the mid-terms. Over the next 6 weeks President Trump plans on 8 rallies and 16 fundraisers for Republican candidates.

The states included North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Kentucky, and Tennessee, as well as other states important to the Republican Party.

According to Breitbart news:

“Trump is traveling to West Virginia on Tuesday night to host a political rally with Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. The president has already held 16 events across the country for Republicans and has raised more than $75 million for various candidates.”

They plan on spending more time on campaigning than George W. Bush and Barrack Obama during any mid-term election.

White House officials believe that Trump is fighting history to keep a Republican majority, noting the precedence of the Party in power losing congressional seats in the midterms.