Democrat Florida Governor Hopeful Andrew Gillum Might Be Under Investigation By The FBI

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

August 30, 2018

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum had a shocking victory winning the Democrat primaries for Governor of Florida. But This dream may be short lived for the Socialist with a looming FBI investigation.

The FBI has launched an investigation into what is allegedly widespread corruption within Tallahassee city government. According to subpoenas, search warrants, or other supporting documents from the case (which accidentally leaked to press) Andrew Gillum was not mentioned in them. However, Andrew Gillum is at least considered under suspicion in some reports.

According to “Hot Air” Andrew Gillman admitted two months ago the FBI was investigating in the Tallahassee City Government many high-members of the city management team for their involvement. reports that “longtime City Commissioner and former Mayor Scott Maddox” are implicated “in an alleged pay-for-play scheme involving his close friend Paige-Carter Smith, their lobbying firm and companies doing business with the city.”

According to the Daily Wire, “the FBI was apparently looking into whether Gillum was apt to take bribes, too. On a 2017 trip to New York City, undercover FBI agents posing as parties interested in doing business with the Florida Democrat reportedly offered Gillum tickets to Mets games and Broadway shows. The FBI hasn’t said whether Gillum took the bribes, and he’s stayed tight-lipped.”

If history tells us anything a Socialist will never turn down other people’s money so it is reasonable to believe Andrew Gillum was involved in accepting bribes for pay-to-play schemes.