Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

September 9, 2018

Best selling Conservative Author Ann Coulter has been clamoring for President Trump to build a wall for a while now, but she has a message to those who believe he doesn’t have the authority to make it happen. Ann Coulter explains the President’s power  on building a wall during her interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“If you are writing the president’s speech tonight, what would you have him say?” Carlson asked Coulter in a segment that aired before President Trump’s Thursday night speech.

“I would say, someone just reminded me that I am president, and I don’t need Congress to build the wall, so I think I’m just going to start,” responded Coulter.

Tucker Carlson then asked Coulter what she would say to those who say “you need Congress to build the wall.”

“Pull out your pocket Constitution and see who the commander in chief is, who has all the executive branch power in his hands,” said Coulter. “He has the Department of Defense. He has Homeland Security. I mean, if we were suddenly attacked by China, he wouldn’t sit around — or North Korea — he wouldn’t sit around saying ‘Well, I would like to respond, but Congress just will not write that bill.’ He’d say ‘No, I am the commander in chief, I have the power to an defend against an invasion. We’re being invaded.’”

Colter added that other than entitlements, “90 percent of all federal money is in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, and this [border security] is both homeland security and defense.”

“Did he have to get a special bill when we bombed Syria?” asked Coulter. “By mistake, it turned out. No, obviously there are discretionary funds there, and they don’t need to be spent just to send off bombs to make Boeing even richer than they already are for no purpose at all.”

“Of course you can build a wall,” she added later. “That is most of what the military did for the first 100 years. We weren’t going around remaking the rest of the world. It was the military building forts on our border. Defending American borders is the number one job of the commander in chief.”