Judiciary Committee Respond Back To Gang Rape Allegations Against Kavanaugh!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 26, 2018

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti brought forward his witness early Wednesday morning where she claimed Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attended gang rape parties many times while they were 15 years old in early 1980’s.

The accuser Julie Swetnick claimed she was gang raped at one of these parties that she claims Brett Kavanaugh attended but did not accuse him of raping her. Yet she claims she still attended these parties after being raped, which seems odd for someone to be attending parties you were drugged and gang raped at yet still return. She also, never named anyone outside of Kavanaugh or Judge and not a single person has confirmed this story as true. One would think at least one other victim would come forward if this was a routine event.

Kavanaugh responded to these allegations saying he doesn not know Julie Swetnick and claimed this allegation is  “from The Twilight Zone.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee released their statements claiming they are open to hearing her testify, but forced Avenatti’s hand with his client.

It seems unlikely Republicans will delay the vote any longer that is scheduled for Friday at 9:30 AM. Christine Blasey-Ford will have to blow the Hearing Committee away with her testimony for Republicans to entertain the idea of yet another delay.