AWESOME: Chuck Grassley Mocks Bernie Sanders In Letter About Kavanaugh!

PHOTO: (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Article by Bryan Howard

September 30, 2018

On Saturday Senator Chuck Grassley laid into Bernie Sanders for his request of the FBI investigation findings. Bernie Sanders stated “we must defeat Brett Kavanaugh” less than 24 hours after he was nominated which showed he was was going to vote no on any nomination Trump appointed. Grassley did not let that slide.

In the letter Senator Chuck Grassley channeled his inner Ann Coulter and added sarcastic wit in response to Bernie Sanders request.

Grassley stated: “Your public statements clearly reveal how unimportant it is to you to review any facts related to this nomination. So you can imagine my surprise at receiving your letter regarding the supplemental FBI background investigation.”

Then Grassley channeled inner Ann Coulter: if Sanders had been so cocksure that Kavanaugh needed to be defeated, did the fact that he was interested in the new investigation mean he was considering changing his mind? Grassley continued, “Am I to take from your letter that you are now undecided and willing to seriously engage with the Senate’s advice-and-consent constitutional duties related to the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States? If so, we should have a conversation about what information you need to assist you in making your decision, and I look forward to that conversation. “

Grassley concluded with sarcastic wit, “I appreciate your raising concerns which others have already raised, at this eleventh hour.”