Christine Blasey-Ford Paid Nearly $1 Million On Go-Fund Me!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 29, 2018

The media and Democrats have been claiming Christine Blasey-Ford has nothing to gain from Accusing Brett Kavanaugh falsely of attempted rape, yet this narrative may not be true.

During Blasey Ford’s testimony she admitted she has received money from Go Fund me accounts but never mentioned an amount. The claim is the Go Fund Me accounts are to support Blasey-Ford for security expenses and court expenses, but the amount gained far exceeds any of these costs. The amount Ford has received from her two highest accounts were  $737,987 combined. Blasey-Ford has 17 accounts on Go Fund Me but the others are not earning nearly the amount of the two we will disclose.

The account claiming to be for legal expenses:


The highest donation was $10,000 from an individual on this account with many other donating thousands individually. There is much speculation on how individuals are paying thousands out of generosity.

This account is claimed to be for her security:


Again there were many people paying large sums of money individually with much speculation.

It seems Democrats may have figured out a way to legally pay someone to come forward with lies to cast a smear job for political gains by weaponizing the Go Fund Me accounts. The only rational conclusion one can come to is the wealthy donors of the DNC are funneling money through the Go Fund Me accounts in form of a legal payment for political gains.

It is also worth noting Anita Hill was able to profit off her accusations through book deals and movie deals. Again we ask the question what did Christine Blasey Ford have to gain? The answer is simple, everything, fame, fortune, and political gain.


3 thoughts on “Christine Blasey-Ford Paid Nearly $1 Million On Go-Fund Me!

  1. There should be a law or some block to stop people from profiting from ill gotten gains such as the lieing Ford is doing.

  2. This is despicable. Go Fund Me should be shut down immediately. They’ve lost all credibility which is sad since there are people who are truly in need who have been helped. Please get this news out into the mainstream media.

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