Proof Of Farce: Cory Booker stated “a lot more can come out” about Kavanaugh, three days before Ford letter released.

PHOTO: (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Article by Bryan Howard

September 30, 2018

Senator Cory Booker Appeared on Shotimes “The Circus” where he stated “a lot more can come out” about Brett Kavanaugh three days before Christine Blasey-Ford’s letter was released.

Cory Booker appeared on the Circus for the filming on September 13th after a senate Judicial committee hearing. The episode did not air until September 16th.

However, the letter was not revealed until September 16th yet it seemed Cory Booker had first hand knowledge of big information about to be released three days before news ever broke. Based off Booker’s statements it seems reasonable to conclude Democrats were deceiving the public by using a potentially false sexual assault allegation as a weapon to delay the vote.

Booker stated:

“Somebody’s about to ascend to the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment, and 90 percent of his record on issues we have not been able to vet,” Booker told “The Circus.” “This is not done until the last vote is cast, and I’ll tell you right now, a lot more can come out. You never know.”

WATCH: 22 minute 50 second mark is where Booker begins his statement.