Senator David Perdue Snatches Phone Away From Moronic Socialist!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 14, 2018

Republican Senator of Georgia David Perdue attended Georgia Tech where he was confronted by a Socialist student. During this confrontation David Perdue took the Socialist phone

“It is a complete waste of our time and taxpayer dollars,” said Kemp press secretary Candice Broce in a statement. “The 53,000 Georgians cited in their complaint can vote in the November 6th election. Any claims to the contrary are politically motivated and utterly false.”

“No, I’m not doing that,” Perdue responded in the video. “I’m not doing that.” Perdue appeared to then take the phone from the student.

“You stole my property,” said the student. “You stole my property. Give me my phone back, senator.”

“Alright, you wanted a picture?” Perdue replied. “You wanted a picture? I’m gonna give it to you. You wanted a picture?

The Socialist is showing he is uneducated going with the false narrative that Georgia Governor GOP challenger Brian Kemp is alleged to be purging 53,000 colored people voters registrations. However, these are voter registrations being processed not purged in an action to protect out electoral process. This is exactly why David Perdue got frustrated with the moronic College Socialist kid because they are wildly uneducated.