Democrat Official, “Bring Republicans to ‘guillotines’!”

PHOTO: Courtesy of Tyler Shields

Article by Bryan Howard

October 16, 2018

An official of the Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party left a Facebook comment that should startle all Americans for the type of rhetoric coming from the Democrat party. William Davis the member of the party left a comment stating he wants to bring Republicans to the guillotines the day after the mid-terms.

The initial Facebook post that William Davis commented on stated, “10.31—Halloween; 11.2—Day of the Dead; 11.4—set your clocks back; 11.7—take your country back.”

The comment (bottom) has costed DFL spokesperson William Davis a week without pay and a suspension.


Party spokesman William Davis left a comment on the post referring to Republicans, “bring them to the guillotines.”

Party executive director Corey Day responded by suspending William Davis for a week with no pay starting Monday.

However, it is disgusting that William Davis only received a one week suspension. For the Democrat party to allow this man to still be employed shows they condone violence against Conservatives and believe it is acceptable thought to mass slaughter us like they are in Communist China Mao regime. Democrats need to tone down their rhetoric and if they do not I believe it is time to protest and sign petitions to outlaw leftism. Due to the fact they are advocating for violence no longer protects them under the first amendment and it becomes illegal incitement of violence.

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