WATCH: Charlie Kirk And Cenk Yugur ALMOST FIGHT During Politicon Debate!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 21, 2018

During Politicon on Saturday, Conservative Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA debated Socialist Hasan Piker from the Young Turks. Charlie Kirk was destroying Piker the entire debate even with The Young Turks Leader Cenk Yugur heckling Kirk from the crowd. However, at one point in the debate Cenk crossed the lines with his heckling and Charlie Kirk went off stage to try and go at Cenk Uygur. Both men were going at it completely stopping the debate for a few minutes. It was highly intense moment I have never witnessed at a Politicon debate.

Charlie Kirk yelled at Cenk Yugur practice what you preach. If you love Socialism live like a Socialist not a rich mans wealthy life. Then Charlie Kirk said he is a capitalist and lives like a capitalist.