Leftist Tore Down GOP Signs While Waving Knife At Witnesses!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 31, 2018

A leftist fruit loop activist was tearing down campaign signs of Republican candidates in Mesquite, Texas. This individual was caught on camera and confronted. Once confronted he stormed the individuals waving a knife around.

Texas Senator Bob Hall posted the video on his Facebook, and when confronting the man he charged the camera with his knife in hand.

The Blaze Reported, “According to Deanna Metzger’s Facebook page, the man taking down the signs is Gary Ward, who serves as president of the Mesquite Firefighters Association and serves on the City of Mesquite Veterans Affairs Board.”

Bob Hall responded, “This is why you must vote straight Republican. The true nature of the Democrats is beginning to show. Yesterday a well known Democrat activist showed up in Mesquite and started cutting down signs that support one of my fellow Republicans.”

He continued, “We must not tolerate this bad behavior. For the sake of our children I urge all Republicans to turn out and vote straight Republican.”

Bob Hall urged, “This is a battle between good and evil.”