Trump Jr. Asks Question, Why Media Isn’t Covering Racist Hillary Comment!

PHOTO: (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 31, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. exposed the media for being biased hacks for not covering Hillary Clinton’s remarks claiming all black men look alike.

Trump Jr. claimed if this was President Trump or any Republican the media would be talking about this racist statement for day on end. But because this is a Democrat they ignore the statement as if it didn’t happen.

“Imagine @realDonaldTrump said the exact same thing in the exact same way. What would the media response be? Hysteria? Outrage? It would likely be beyond all that. Because I’m hearing crickets right now after Hillary said it. Wonder why.”

This is a glaring truth that the media is ignoring this egregious statement by Hillary Clinton and is protecting her and the Democrat party. This is why we need to stand up the elite media and support Conservative news outlets. Unfortunately, outside of Fox News we only have small pages like Preserve Conservative Values and our outreach is limited. This is why you must visit the web-pages every day by going to the page and not depend on Facebook or Twitter to pop it up on your feed.