Unmasking ANTIFA: Tucker Carlson Protester Unmasked! Special Edition

Article by Bryan Howard

November 12, 2018

ANTIFA protested and vandalized Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s home last week. However, one of these members has been identified and we have found his Twitter profile. Dylan Petrohilos is one of the members of ANTIFA who vandalized Tucker Carlson’s home and scared his wife and children. Dylan Petrohilos is not a brilliant individual since he is easy to find on Twitter and has ample of evidence of pictures to show what he looks like in his ANTIFA outfit and his normal every day look.

Dylan Petrohilos is a 29 year old that lives in Washington D.C. and was a former writer for the radical left wing news source Think Progress.

Dylan is also a graphic designer and he has a web page for his work, http://dylanpetrohilos.com/.

Here is a picture of Dylan Petrohilos in his flamboyant ANTIFA outfit.




Here is a picture of Dylan in normal everyday look.




Dylan spoke about being confronted by the police for protesting Tucker Carlson’s house.


Dylan proves he rather have a mob mentality than a good economy.


Dylan Petrohilos is also one of the members who protested President Trump’s inaugural, and is still facing up to 80 years of prison if convicted.



Congratulations Dylan Petrohilos you have been unmasked and will never be accepted in normal civilized society. However, that may be because you may be behind bars for the next 80 years where animals belong.

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