Listen: CNN Host Claims ‘Fox News Jerks The President Off Every Single Day’


Article by Bryan Howard

November 13, 2018

On CNN podcast a political commentator Tara Setmayer claimed Fox News “jerks the President off every day,” that engages in “political masturbation.” This is what CNN journalists believe is proper language to get points across. Seriously, this is why people hate journalists today because they suck at their jobs.

Tara Setmayer was trying to claim News outlets are not supposed to be talking heads for the President. However, it seems she doesn’t understand this is what CNN does for Democrats every day.

Setmayer stated, “He’s doubled and tripled down on blaming the media, tweeting that we are the enemy of the people. That is just so inappropriate and, you know, he won’t take any responsibility. None. I mean, with words that have come out of his mouth and what he said at rallies and the environment he’s fomented and what these — these evil people have decided to now carry out into action.”

Setmayer asserted, “But the part that bothered me the most about this is that so many people are just not acknowledging where Trump has some influence on this. Did he send the bombs? Did he make the guy send the bombs? No he didn’t. Has his tone and repeated attacked on the media and repeated attacks on his political opponents set a — set a tone? Yeah, it has and he was still attacking people.”

“So, like I said, this [the shooter], this perpetrator in the synagogue massacre, he’s a self-proclaimed Nazi, hates Jews and he — he said that the caravan that was, you know, one of the things and I’m gonna — you know, he yelled out “I’m going to kill Jews and he was shooting, according to reports, he also talked about the caravan, about people coming in and invading the country and killing his people,” Setmayer said. “Where do you think he got that language from? That comes right out of the President’s mouth and on Fox freaking News all damn day, especially at night on the opinion shows. Where is their responsibility?”

“But the point of that is to reiterating right of the free press and the role. It’s not to be a lapdog to the President of the United States,” Setmayer said. “It’s not to make the President, you know, feel good about himself like Fox News does, okay. Fox News jerks the President off every single day. It is political masturbation on that channel. That’s right. I said it.”

“We do not go out there and deliberately lie,” Setmayer stated. “That’s not what we do. That’s not what responsible journalists do. Do we get it wrong sometimes? Yes. Are we the enemy of the people? No. Are we generating fake news on purpose? No.”

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  1. Thanks for subjecting yourself to this rot and being a watchman for the rest of us.

    As for myself, I don’t even watch CNN when I am in the airport or government buildings. I pull out my phone and either read the AP or Reuters or I watch Fox.

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