Every Vote Matters: Kentucky District 13 House Seat Decided By One Vote!

PHOTO:  (Meg Vogel/Cincinnati Enquirer/AP)

Article by Bryan Howard

November 18, 2018

Kentucky district 13 finished its count and the race was decided by ONE vote, and gives an example going forward to why no-one should be sitting out on voting. Democrat Jim Glenn upset incumbent Republican DJ Johnson in Kentucky’s state House District 13 race.

The final vote tally showed Democrat Jim Glenn received 6,319 votes, while Republican DJ Johnson received 6,318 votes.

Jim Glenn held the Kentucky district 13 seat from 2006-2017. DJ Johnson held this seat for one term between 2017-2019.

The race is not official as Fox News points out their will be a recount, “The Kentucky State Board of Elections will meet next week to certify the results, but Johnson said he intended to ask for a recount. State law would require the majority-Republican House of Representatives to oversee that process by appointing a commission of between five and nine members.”