Why Conservatives That Live In Deep Blue States Should Move!

PHOTO: iStockphoto/The Fiscal Times

Article by Bryan Howard

November 25, 2018

Many Conservatives find themselves living in Deep Blue States like California, New York, and lllinois. These Conservatives are trapped living in a Leftist driven agenda that is driving up taxes and causing businesses to move out at historical rates. The question is should Conservatives stick in these states to suffer or would life be better served leaving the state and moving to a Red state where they can live with their values.

The Democrat party has been using the tactic of relocating activists to states in an attempt to flip the state Blue. Texas has been suffering from this with George Soros paying for activists to relocate in Texas in an attempt to flip the state Blue. It is time Conservatives start doing the same, but we can’t wait around for some rich sugar daddy to pay our bills and house to relocate. We will have to have a true grass roots movement in order to pull off our scheme.

PRO For Conservatives Moving To Red States From Blue States

The Constitution constitutes for a new census to be conducted every ten years in the United States, and the new Census is due to be taken for the year 2020. The Census determines how many House of Representitive members are in each State. The total number of Representitves a State has determines the value of the electoral college points a state is worth. Conservatives living in a deep Blue state will only harm the Conservative movement by giving deep Blue States the extra population to go against Conservatives nationally. By moving from a Blue to Red state will decrease population of the Blue and increase population in the Red.

Moving to a Red states would help keep the Red in particular Texas. With Democrats targeting Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona Conservatives need to move to these States and help fight to keep them Red.

The new Census is projecting for Illinois, California, and New York to all lose value in Electral College and if we can increase Red States higher in value Republicans will never lose an Presidential election for next 20 years.

Personal Pros To Move To Red States

Red States have lower taxes, cheaper homes, and more job opportunities. If you live in deep Blue States you have high taxes, more expensive homes, and less job opportunities. The risks of moving is low with high reward in return, and you get to live in a state that has your values.

I am not advising everyone has to move nor am I trying to guilt people in not moving, but if you were considering leaving your Blue state I am suggesting you should look heavily into doing so. There has never been a better time than now to pull the trigger on your dream to move than today.