Chip And Joanna Help Family Adopt Child With Down Syndrome!

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Article by Bryan Howard

November 27, 2018

Down Syndrome children have been under assault in the Western world against the radical leftists. Many European countries have been eradicating Down Syndrome children into non existence. These radical leftists countries have been using abortion as a manner in a way to remove the disabled. Countries like Iceland or Denmark have a near 100% removal of Down Syndrome children in their societies.

We in the United States have not been much better with our leftists pushing the idea to let parents abort children if discovered they have Down Syndrome. Currently only 4 states outlaw the abortions of Down Syndrome babies.

However, the famous Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV “Fixer Upper,” helped out one family adopt a two year old child from China that has Down Syndrome. According to Life News, The Gaines gave $16,203 to Missouri family, Jason and Melinda Simmons in order for them to adopt the child they have been after for the last year.

The Simmons family stated, “We want to tell the world that people with different needs and abilities are valued and deserving of life and love and what better way to do that, than to allow our lives to be forever changed for the better through the beauty of adoption!”

The Simmons applied to Chip and Joanna’s dream starter contest, Chipstarter contest, in order to adopt their son Ezra James.

Melinda Simmons stated to Country Living, “The adoption process is very long and very stressful and very expensive. The knowledge that Chip and Jo were providing the last large amount that we needed in order for our adoption to be fully funded was just unbelievable. It is such a weight off of our shoulders to know where the money is coming from for this final stretch. It’s such a gift.”

She continued, “It isn’t easy to fundraise. It’s a very humbling process to ask for help. But the staff at Magnolia made us feel like it was their pleasure to help us. They treated us with kindness and made us feel like family. We will be forever grateful.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines are great people that are outspoken Christians. They are a rare breed of celebrities that are not selfish leftists who spew garbage and hate in the world. Chip and Joanna need to have a spotlight to be recognized for being outstanding individuals.

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