WATCH: Former Marine FedEx Driver Saves Fallen Flag In Yard!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

December 1, 2018

A FedEx driver took time out of his day to pick up a fallen USA flag, fold it, and place it in a safe place. The FedEx driver Mike King is a former Marine who saw a flag pole that was blown down by the wind showed his patriotism that we are solely missing in today’s society.

Keep in mind this Marine took time out of his day during the busiest week for delivery drivers due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders.


The owner of the house send a thank you message on Facebook for the world to see a great act from an American hero.

Gail Cook stated, “Today our flag pole broke with the high winds. The FedEx driver saw this when he was driving by and stopped. He not only picked up the flag but folded it properly and put it away safely on our porch. Thanks FedEx!!! I hope he gets the recognition he deserves, I can’t thank him enough!”