Where To Go When Social Media Removes You For Being Conservative!

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Article by Bryan Howard

December 1, 2018

Masters of the Universe in Silicon Valley have become radical leftist activists that are on a mission to remove dissenting thought from leftism. Conservatives have been receiving the blunt of the blows from censorship on the Social Media outlets.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and the owners of Google were under fire from Democrats and the left once Donald Trump had the upset victory over Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. Democrats are upset because Conservatives were able to weaponize these Social media outlets in order to combat the “Fake News” narratives in order to push leftism from the Main Stream Media.

Since these Social Media giants are in bed with Democrats, and the ideology of Leftism, they have jumped into action by attempting to silence Conservative thought on their outlets. What plans have the Masters of the Universe implemented when it comes to controlling information the public sees?

Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg has not been on a mission of out right removing Conservatives from his plat form, exception of Alex Jones. But, Facebook has been changing algorithms where Conservative posts are being hidden on followers timeline feed. This would be called Shadow banning. Preserve Conservative Values Web Page (The Bryan Sow) has been deducted 33 percent of viewership from these shadow ban tactics. This is a way to harm Conservative web-pages from viewership and in a way harm their income of money.

Twitter- Jack Dorsey has been shadow banning Conservatives, but he goes one step further and has begun his purge of popular Conservatives. Jack Dorsey has been giving life time bans to many Conservatives in a way to eliminate the threat all together. Soon you will see thought leaders like Ben Shapiro get a life time ban, which will be the end of Conservative thought from the outlet.

Google/YouTube- Google has been burying Conservative news outlets in their search feed and placing left outlets at the top. This is a way to prevent Conservative thought from having a voice and is no different than forcing black people on the back of the bus.

Google owns YouTube, which has been demonetizing Conservative video’s in a way to prevent them from earning money like their left leaning peers.

So what should Conservatives do since we are being banished from Social Media? Fortunately, there are new Social Media outlets that were created for Conservatives to go from this purge, and it is time for every Conservative to move over to these sites in order to protect Conservative news outlets like Preserve Conservative Values.

Here are a list of the Social Media Outlets that are friendly to Conservatives, and you should create an account with them today. After you create an account follow my pages on them so you can keep up to date with the news wihthout censorship.

  • TrumpTown- This Social Media is built like Facebook and has similar functions, with no censorship because you love our country and Trump.

Follow my pages on TrumpTown: https://trumptown.com/

Pages, Bryan Howard and Preserve Conservative Values

  • GAB- This Social Media is built like Twitter and has close to the same functions as well. They will not censor any speech no matter what and has a large following on it.

Follow my pages on GAB: https://gab.ai/home

Pages, The Bryan Show

  • Spreely- They will not censor anyone for speech and they have a function that allows everyone who is a member to see every post.

Follow my pages on Spreely: https://www.spreely.com/members/home

Pages, Bryan Howard

  • Mumblit- This is close to the same as TrumpTown and Facebook with exact same functions.

Follow my pages on Mumblit: https://www.mumblit.com/

Pages, Bryan Howard, The Bryan Show, Preserve Conservative Values

  • MeWe- This is a unique page where you join groups and have conversations with people on certain topics. You can create a page as well that is close to a Facebook type page.

Follow my pages on MeWe- https://mewe.com/myworld%5D

Pages, Bryan Howard

2 thoughts on “Where To Go When Social Media Removes You For Being Conservative!

  1. Your article missed a couple of added conservative and useful sites – ProAmericaOnly.com and Tea Party Forum. I’ll check your ideas out and likely join and post. Fascistcrap has jailed me 8 times for 30 days each so far in 2018. That has driven me to delete virtually all posts, likes, comments, and responses for 2009 thru 2015…I’m working on the rest. I’ll spend far less time on their lying leftist censored site!

    1. I just got on the Tea Party Forum but I didn’t discover that until after I wrote the piece. I never heard of ProAmericaOnly.com. I will create an account on there ASAP! Thank you for the heads up on that page.

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