France Protesters Win: Macron Agrees To Eliminate Gas Tax Hikes!

PHOTO: (EPA photo)

Article by Bryan Howard

December 5, 2018

French protesters took to the streets of Paris in order to demand French President Emmanuel Macron to step down due to his horrible policies. One of the policies the protesters were shouting about was the insane gas tax hikes, but with all the chaos Macron has backed down and canceled his gas tax hike.

Originally President Macron was going to suspend the policy for 6 months to appease the protesters, but they did not accept that as a deal. This led Macron to Cancel his Climate Change Policy all together on tax hikes.

According to Fox News, “An official with the Elysee Palace told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the president decided to get rid of the tax, while Prime Minister Edouard Philippe confirmed to lawmakers that “the tax is now abandoned” in the 2019 budget. A day earlier, Philippe announced that the tax increase would be suspended for six months.”

The protesters did like that Macron backed down on that policy, but they are not accepting that as an end to the protest and demand more.

Fox News Reported, “Jacline Mouraud, a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the so-called “yellow vest” protesters, told The Associated Press that Macron’s move “is on the right path but in my opinion it will not fundamentally change the movement.” She urged protesters to seize on the French government’s weakness to push other demands such as a rise in the minimum wage. More protests are planned for Saturday in Paris.”

“On Wednesday, France’s largest farmers’ union said it will launch anti-government protests next week after trucking unions called for a rolling strike. A joint statement from the CGT and the FO trucking unions called for action Sunday night to protest a cut in overtime rates. France’s transportation minister agreed to meet with truckers’ representatives on Thursday.”

Leftism and their Socialist agenda is being rejected by many citizens around the world. There have been massive movements of people around the world sending a message rejecting Socialism.

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