Gillum/O’Rourke Are Being Lifted As The 2020 Democrat Candidates By Obama!

Article by Bryan Howard

December 5, 2018

The Democrats know they have a slim chance at winning the presidential race in 2020 due to Trumps popularity in many red and swing states. Currently as it stands President Trump will only need to win one of Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin to win re-election. Currently, Ohio is trending to become a solid red state instead of a swing state. The question is what will be Democrats strategy to attempt the upset of 2020 election? The Answer flip a red state from the Republicans!

Democrats are looking to steal either Florida or Texas in the 2020 election as we saw how much big donors spent on Democrats in these States for 2018. But, how will Democrats be able to swing for the fences because they will need more than money to steal these states? No problem they have popularized two Democrats from Florida and Texas that seem to be posturing for a Presidential run. Florida had a radical Socialist in Andrew Gillum, and Texas has the drunk driving Socialist Robert (Beto) O’Rourke. Both of these individuals ran highly contested races in deep Trump states.

By running a candidate from one of these states may help increase chances with high spending to flip a deep Trump state. It is unlikely the tactic will work, but it could provide a scare for the Republican party and President Trump.

Neither of these individuals have announced they will run in 2020, but interestingly enough both have met with President Obama the last week. Obama has had to take the reigns of control of the Democrat party due to the lack of leadership that has emerged since he left. Obama has praised both men and seems to be posturing and grooming them to be the new face of the party.

Obama has developed a friendship and campaigned for Andrew Gillum, which could lead him to help Gillum out for a 2020 run.

Obama did not campaign with O’Rourke due to Obama’s unpopularity in that state but he did give O’Rourke praise after his meeting on November 16th.

Obama stated about Beto, “The reason I was able to make a connection with a sizable portion of the country was because people had a sense that I said what I meant.”

Currently there is an old terrible field of candidates running for the Democrat Party in 2020, and it is likely the two young candidates will run away from the field to fight it out who represents the Democrats.