WOW: Gay Man Impregnates His Transgender Boyfriend!

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Article by Bryan Howard

January 4, 2018

A gay couple in San Antonio Texas, have a strange story to tell that will shock almost anyone. Who am I kidding it’s 2019 and the world is a complete freak show and nothing should shock us now. Stephan and Wyley who met on a grinder dating app are now expecting a child after Stephan impregnated his boyfriend Wyley. However, the catch is Wyley is a transgender male that was born as a female.

Stephan and Wyley were not expecting nor planning to have a child, but by an off chance they had an accident. The problem is Wyley has yet to have a “bottom surgery,” which is an operation that would create a penis. This means Wyley still had a functioning Vagina, but Wyley didn’t believe pregnancy was possible.

Wyley was told by doctors due to testosterone treatments pregnancy should not happen. Wyley started experiencing morning sickness 11 weeks into pregnancy.

Wyley stated, “I was nervous, I was very emotional, I started crying.”

“As a gay person I don’t think I ever really planned for biological children,” Stephan claimed.

The lesson to this story is, no matter how much humans attempt to play God they are not God. As the old saying goes  “we plan, God laughs.”


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