Breaking: Trump Offers Democrats A Deal They Can’t Refuse For Wall In Announcement!


Article by Bryan Howard

January 19, 2019

President Trump gave his breaking announcement over the humanitarian crises at the border. After nearly 30 days of a government shutdown President Trump offered Democrats a deal that they can’t refuse without facing backlash from their own base.

Trump is offering Democrats a DACA extension deal for a wall at the southern border. Democrats will be forced to either help immigrants that the claim to care about or let them hang dry.

Trump laid out his plan by saying first he want input from border security and Homeland Security. Trump took a shot at the radical left by saying ‘The radical left will never control our border and I will never allow it.”

Trump continued to lay out what he wants for border security.

  1. $800 million in human assistance for asylum seekers at the border.
  2. $805 mill drug detection equipment
  3. 200,000 extra border security and law enforcement
  4. 75 extra immigration judge teams to help speed the immigration process
  5. clinical measures to help migrant children in need of help/ create system for minors apply in their own countries/ help families to reunite
  6. $5.7 Billion for physical barriers/ steel barriers in high security areas
  7. add extra 230 miles of barrier this year
  8. Steel see trough steal barrier would cut crime in half dealing with Drug and human trafficking.

President Trump finished off with his offer to the Democrats in exchange for the Wall funding.

1 Three years legislature relief for DACA recipients/ work permits, Social Security Numbers, and protection from deportation.

2. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) 300,000 illegals can get 3 years extension from deportation in order to get their cases together.

If Democrats turn down this deal or refuse to negotiate in order to get a slightly better deal in favor of the immigrants they will see sever backlash. The Democrat base of Hispanics will feel they are being used by democrats as a political pawn and not treated as people. Federal Employees who aren’t working would find themselves irate that Democrats got a reasonable deal from the President and still refusing to agree.